Compostable Filler Masterbatch

Naturejoy Compostable Filler Masterbatches are a unique blend of Compostable base materials such as PLA or PBAT with CaCO3 or Talc. This compostable filler was developed to reduce the cost of the finished products at the same time ensuring fantastic mechanical and technical properties of the products. Depending on the application you can add up to 20%-30% of our compostable fillers with any virgin Compostable Compound.

This Compostable Filler Masterbatch helps in the dispersion, and provides very easy processing abilities. This also helps as a slipping agent for the finished products. We are already supplying Compostable Compounds and Compostable Filler Masterbatches to CPCB certified manufacturers all across India.


  • Carry Bags/Garbage Bags
  • Blown Film Extrusion
  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding


  • Cost reduction
  • Acts as an anti-slip agent
  • Easier processing
  • Higher stifness