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Pollution Free Society
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Based on Natural origin
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Eco-Friendly Compostable Products


Naturejoy Global Pvt Ltd

From Nature, Back to Nature

Naturejoy Global Pvt Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of Compostable products in India. This Company was founded with one goal in mind to create a more sustainable and pollution free society by promoting the use of Compostable and Starch based plastic products instead of conventional petroleum based plastic products. All of our products are certified by Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi and CIPET, Chennai.





Our Products

We offer a wide range of Compostable products to meet your requirements and we can
also customize the products based on your requirements.

Features of the Naturejoy Bioplastics

Naturejoy Compostable Products are produced using various compostable polymers obtained from different types of renewable sources. All the products sold by Naturejoy are certified Compostable.

Unique Features of the Naturejoy Bioplastics:

  • Based on Natural origin renewable sources
  • Offers full flexibility and mechanical/technical properties similar to that of traditional plastics
  • Certified Compostable and Biodegradable in accordance with EN13432 and ISO 17088 (depending on the grade)
  • Our products decompose within six months when put in soil
  • OK COMPOST and OK HOME COMPOST certified material (depending on the grade)

Why Certified Compostable Products ?

Degradation Time

Average Degradation Time Of Compostable Products Are 60 Days To 180 Days.

Carbon Footprint

Compostable Products Have Lesser Ecological Footprint Than Paper And Plastic, Which Helps In Climate Change Mitigation.

Certified Compostable

Our bags softens in water & dissolves in hot water. It also passes biodegradable test (internal).

Less Energy & Water Usage

Compostable Products Use Less Water And Less Energy In Production In Comparison With Plastic And Paper.